Loutraki Aridaias, also known as Loutra Pozar, is a beautiful settlement, built at the foot of Mount Voras - Kaimaktsalan, at an altitude of 350 meters.

It is a pole of attraction for thousands of visitors from Macedonia and all over Greece as it is one of the most therapeutic thermal spas in Greece with many facilities and facilities. Spa facilities at Loutropolis include swimming pools, jacuzzi, spa, steam room, artificial waterfalls and changing rooms. There you will find a large outdoor swimming pool suitable for healing, with the hot water splashing from the earth.

Loutra Pozar is an infinite natural beauty area with many activities, attractions, and beautiful areas around Loutraki Aridaia and of course do not forget to enjoy the local cuisine.

For those who love winter sports 35 km from the Pozar Loutra, there is the Ski Center of Voras - Kaimaktsalan with modern facilities and excellent views.